Our Services

Our base clients are conformed by different industries which include medical, alimentary, electronics and manufacture sectors, in the cities of Tijuana, San Diego, Rosarito and nearby areas.

Thermal Treatment
This treatment is necessary so that the pallets can be used in exports made from Mexico to the United States and Canada. We have the permits granted by semarnat NOM-144. This treatment is offered for new, reused and wood pallets in general.
Pallet Repairment Program

The pallets are collected from the customer's plant and transported to our plant. They go through a repair process to bring them back to original specifications and are delivered according to your needs.

The price for this service is a predetermined repair cost. including labor, material and delivery.

Scrap collecting Program

Pallets that are considered scrap can be removed from the customer's facilities at no cost. Some of the pallets may have a monetary value, contact us and a representative can visit your facility to determine which pallet program is best for you.

Color Code and Engrave
Pallets can be painted a specific color so they can be easily identified by staff, pallet dimensions, company name and product ID can also be engraved.
JIT “Just In Time”
The delivery of pallets to our customers is scheduled in such a way that we meet the daily demand recorded in the production schedules.
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